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Is A Place to Play a daycare? (Click to Expand)

No. A Place to Play is a nursery school where children attend a 2 ½ hour program, 2 or 3 days a week, in the mornings or afternoons.

What is a cooperative nursery school? (Click to Expand)

A Place to Play is owned, operated and administered by the families of the children attending the school. The school has two paid teachers, and all other work is done on a volunteer basis.

How old does my child need to be to attend A Place to Play? (Click to Expand)

A Place to Play is for children 2 ½ - 4 years old. There are a limited number of places for children 2 – 2 ½ years old in the morning programs. The afternoon program is for 3 - 4 year olds, with a limited number of places for children 2 ½ - 3 years old who are toilet trained and no longer napping.

My child has never been in a program without me. Is he/she ready for nursery school? (Click to Expand)

Starting nursery school can be a hard transition for some children, and some apprehension at drop-off is perfectly normal. Teachers will work with you to ease the transition, and come up with a plan to help your child feel comfortable, safe and excited to come to school.

How much does A Place to Play cost? (Click to Expand)

Fees for 2019/2020 School Year are:

  • $160.00/month for the 2-day morning program
  • $200.00/month for the 3-day morning program
  • $225.00/month for the 3-day afternoon program (with no duty days!)

What are the days and hours of the nursery school? (Click to Expand)

The morning programs run 9:00 – 11:45 and the afternoon program is 1:00 – 3:45.

The school year follows the public school calendar and is open after Labour Day until the end of June. The school is closed for statutory holidays, March break and two weeks in December. However the school is open on PA days.

Where is A Place to Play? (Click to Expand)

We are located inside Runnymede Presbyterian Church, 680 Annette St., Toronto.

What if I can’t pick my child up on time? (Click to Expand)

Late pick-up (up to 15 minutes) can be arranged for all programs. Families must arrange and pay for late pick-ups in advance on a monthly basis.

What is a “Duty Day?” (Click to Expand)

Families with children in the morning programs are typically required to do a duty day once a month.

Duty days are busy, but a lot of fun, and provide a great opportunity to be a part of your child’s nursery school experience. When a parent or guardian is on duty day it is that child’s “special day” and most children see it as a treat when someone in their family can stay for the morning’s class.

Among other things, duty day includes: playing and interacting with children in the classroom and assisting the teachers as needed; providing and preparing the daily snack; and cleaning the classroom and washing snack dishes.

Families with children in the afternoon program are not required to do duty days; however, they are required to rotate through snack duty where they provide the food for snack, and the teachers prepare it. Parents are not required to stay at the school for afternoon snack duty.

What if I can’t make it to my scheduled duty day? (Click to Expand)

The role of duty day parent is essential to keep the school running. Families are required to find their own replacement for a duty day in case of emergency; however, if no one is available there is a designated emergency duty day parent every year. Families will be required to make up the duty day at a later time.

Can I bring my other child to the school when I have a duty day? (Click to Expand)

Duty days are busy and hands-on. For that reason parents cannot bring another child, including an infant, to a scheduled duty day.

Can my nanny/ grandparent/ other caregiver do my duty days? (Click to Expand)

Yes. Duty day is not limited to parents; however, anyone doing duty days must attend a duty day orientation and undergo a Police Reference Check.

What else will be required of me as a parent or guardian of a child at A Place to Play? (Click to Expand)

In addition to duty days, families are required to take on one family job. Examples of jobs include: sitting on the Board of Directors (as Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, or Program Liaison) and attending monthly board meetings, Duty Day scheduler, Safety Coordinator, Special Projects, Toy Wash Coordinator, Classroom Maintenance, Play Dough Maker, Craft Assistant, Communications Coordinator, or sitting on the Social or Fundraising Committees. If a parent has a specific interest or skill they would like to share with the school, they are invited to suggest a different family job.

Additionally, some families are required to do evening toy wash a few times a year, and all families are required to attend two annual general meetings and participate in fundraising activities.

What do children do at nursery school? (Click to Expand)

Nursery school is mostly about play! The morning or afternoon is focused on free-play with the classroom’s abundant toys, books, activities, crafts, water table, sand table and play structure. There is also time for snack, circle time (songs, show and share) and 30 minutes of active play. There are also some special events, such as visitors to the classroom, a trip in the neighbourhood and holiday parties.

Will my child need to be toilet trained to attend the school? (Click to Expand)

Not for the morning programs. Families are required to provide diapers and wipes as needed and, when appropriate, the teachers will work with you to help toilet train your child. For the afternoon programs, children must be toilet trained and no longer napping.

Will my child’s allergy be accommodated at A Place to Play? (Click to Expand)

Yes. A Place to Play follows an Anaphylaxis Policy that is based on the Day Nurseries Act. This includes hand-washing before entering the classroom, disinfecting surfaces, and not sharing food or utensils. Certain common anaphylactic foods, including peanuts and tree nuts are not permitted at snack time. Other food might be added to the list depending on children’s specific allergies.

If needed, parents of children with anaphylactic allergies are asked to bring a separate snack for their child from home. Parents whose children have an anaphylactic allergy are required to complete an Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan and provide an Epi-Pen for the classroom. An allergy list of all allergic children enrolled in the school (whether anaphylactic or not) and their specific allergies is also posted in the classroom. Additionally, all parents who do duty days are trained on how to manage an anaphylactic allergy emergency and administer an Epi-Pen.

For more information, see: the school’s Anaphylaxis Policy Under Registration Forms.

How long is the waitlist for A Place to Play? (Click to Expand)

Demand for A Place to Play is high and there are a limited number of spots, so it's never too early to place your child on the waiting list.

Please note demand is usually higher for the morning programs than the afternoon program, so for families interested in the morning programs it's especially important to put your name on the wait list as early as possible.

There is no financial commitment required to be placed on the wait list, and no fees are due until your child is offered and you accept a place in the school. If you wish to inquire about the status of your child's place on the waitlist, please email aplacetoplayregistrar@gmail.com.

How do I register? (Click to Expand)

If you would like register your child or want to be placed on our waiting list, please fill out this form with the information requested.

Can my child attend nursery school 5 days a week? (Click to Expand)

Yes. You can enrol your child in the 2-day and 3-day programs, for the applicable fees. Families with children in school 5 days a week will be required to do double duty days and take a second family job.