A Place to Play operates as a cooperative, which means every family plays a role in operating the school.

Families with children in the morning program assist the teachers in the classroom through "duty days" on a regular basis, usually once a month. On duty days parents or caregivers stay at school for the morning. They play with the children, provide and prepare snack, help the teachers as needed, and clean the classroom.

Families with children in the afternoon program do not have duty days, but instead rotate through "snack duty" where parents provide the food for snack, and the teachers prepare it. Parents are not required to stay for the afternoon.

Every family also takes on a family job. Some parents sit on the school's board of directors, as coordinator, assistant coordinator, registrar, treasurer, or secretary. The board meets once a month during the school year. Other family jobs include sitting on one of the school's committees, such as fundraising, social, and communications. There are also individual jobs, such as duty day scheduling, advertising, health and safety, and classroom maintenance.

Also, all families are expected to contribute to fundraising throughout the year and attend two general meetings, one in fall and one in spring.

We encourage prospective families to seriously assess their ability to meet all these obligations before they enrol in the school. Because we are a cooperative we rely on every family to keep the school running safely, efficiently and in line with all our obligations under the Day Nurseries Act.